The Node Review: Node.js Meetup Dublin.

Node.js Dublin, Node.js Ireland, Nearform
I recently traveled to the Node.js event in Dublin’s tech center in the Docklands.

The Node.js Dublin team operate in a loft-style warehouse environment reminiscent of the Startup backdrop of San Francisco. This environment echoes the open collaborative space all over the city and really encapsulates the software renaissance in Ireland’s capital.

After running into a snowstorm on the way up, I arrived a little later than planned.

The event was well under way and keynote David Mark Clement had warmed the floor with his talk titled 10 tips for triumphant noding. David is Author of the Node Cookbook which is in its second edition.

David took us through some of the key aspects of Node.js development from the benefits and downfalls of the opensource community to the cost benefits of using a-synchronous code.

I caught up with David after his presentation and asked him some questions on contemporary Node.js issues:

Where do you see Node.js developing in the next 6-12 months

Dave pointed towards an “accelerated uptake by enterprise” and the use of generators with some new developments in syntax as a result.

The io.js fork

Dave doesn’t see the io.js fork as a negative per se and commented on the “maturity” of the Node.js community in handling the issue. He also pointed toward previous forks in other technologies where lawyers were often involved.

He said what typically happens with forks and could possibly happen with io.js and node is that the fork can become a platform for cutting edge improvement while the original technology may be reserved for the more conservative players, in this case, larger enterprises.

He went on to say that “Joyant and the forkers had expressed their wish to merge the technologies back together again”.

The future of Node.js in Ireland

Dave pointed to the global aspect of Node.js and focusing on harnessing global influence to empower the Irish Node community in becoming world class. “Nearform have many global customers” and to focus on a single marketplace would be missing out on the global influence of the Node community, he summarised.

Node.js Dublin, Node.js Event, Nearform
Talking Node: David Mark Clements takes us through lessons learned living in the heart of the server side.

The event was hosted by @nearform who are quickly becoming a leader in Node.js development and are soon to launch a masters in Node.js development in conjunction with University of Limerick. Very exciting times ahead.

All in all, it was a very worthwhile trip to Dublin and I look forward with great excitement to the future of Node.js here on the Emerald Isle.

For more information regarding Node.js development. Visit Node.js


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