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Freedom hanbook Review


The Freedom Handbook could very well be one of the seminal pieces in Social Justice literature.  It is the brainchild of Luke Mitchell and brought to life by Chris Hampton.

It diagnoses the cancer that exists within the world’s institutions including private interests in health care, finance and government policy and lays the platform for changing these systems.

Using some solid case examples from the world of academia and independent media, it addresses these major issues with action, assertiveness and a clear mind.

It’s core focus is to spark thoughts into action and support and develop a larger conversation  on Social Reform. As such this book is very well suited to those of you who are either indifferent to the world of politics or those of you who are seeking solutions to the problems that exist within the current administration.

It’s lack of robustness lends the reader the opportunity to explore new alternatives to the current regime and motivates the participant to seek more from society.

All in all The Freedom handbook is a comprehensive overview of the state of life in modern society and an inspiring read for those looking to explore the solutions for a better world.

Out of 5 I give this book a commendable 4. Just falling short because of it’s lack of  Robust strategies which could be argued is a strength as well as a weakness.

More information on the publication can be found here.

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